WIN a FREE Consultation and Goodie Bag for Your Pet

Have you ever wondered if your pet would benefit from supplements but you’re not sure which ones to try?  Is your older dog slowing up recently and needing extra joint aid, or is your breed of dog prone to hip and joint issues later in life?  Does your dog need extra digestive support with probiotic supplements?  Or do they suffer from anxiety or stress or need help getting their skin or coat into top condition? There’s so many different products on the market that you don’t know where to start or what to try, with online advice and opinions confusing everything even more?

We can help!

We’re offering you a unique chance to consult with one of our pet dietary supplement specialists about your pet or pets and their unique requirements.  We won’t advise you to use supplements if we don’t think your pet needs any. However, our products are 100% natural and most pets benefit from some sort of dietary support.

We’ll include a thorough review of your pet’s unique circumstances so that we can advise on their exact requirements.  The needs of your pet will vary according to species, age, sex, breed, energy levels, neuter status and the type of food they are on, there is no “one size fits all”, so deciding on what’s best for your pet can be extremely confusing and you will get many conflicting views by researching online.  A bespoke consultation for your pet will erase any doubts and put your mind at rest, safe in the knowledge that you are doing what’s best for them.

Our package includes two bottles of supplements (6-month supply selected to suit your pet’s needs) plus a goodie bag of 100% natural JR Pet Product treats (four treats of your choice) and one of our popular ACME dog whistles and lanyard, available in a range of colours.

Don’t miss out! 

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