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Your dog may appear amazingly resilient even with a sore or cracked paw, they will still keep active.  This doesn't mean that your dog isn't in discomfort and you should regularly check that your dog's paw and nose is not cracked and saw.

Paw and nose balm can help prevent the skin of the paw and nose from being damaged. Paw balm has healing and moisturising properties which, when regularly applied, can not only help soothe and repair a saw paw but prevent issues occurring.


5 Benefits of Dog Paw Balm

1. Paw balms protect against extreme changes in tempertaure.

2. Paw balms protect against wear and tear on the foot pads

3. Paw balms can help to soothe paw irriation and any damage

4.  Paw balms can help to hydrate your dogs paw skin 

5. Paw balms can help to treat conditions that your dog may get on the paw pad


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