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 Do you get annoyed with your dog, or yourself, when he doesn't come back when he's called? Do you keep meaning to sort out the issue but you're not sure how? 

Our recall training packs include everything you will need to train a food-motivated dog to come to the whistle as soon as you use it.  The training packs include a selection of pure meat JR Pet Products Training Treats, one or more of our popular ACME whistles and lanyard, used by gundog handlers, and a FREE pack of JR Pet Products meat sticks. The packs also include a training card that will tell you what to do to get that instant recall. 


We've teamed up with a dog trainer who has written our accompanying blog post: "The secret to teaching the instant whistle recall" so please also check this out for additional information including:

Why don't dogs come when called?
Why will a whistle work?
What are the main principles of teaching the recall?
How do I maintain the recall long term?


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