Joint Care Tablets

120 tablets £20.99
300 tablets £39.99
  • ✔ PRIMARY PETS GLUCOSAMINE FOR DOGS. Our Joint Aid for Dogs is a Technical Combination of Glucosamine, Turmeric (Curcumin), Green Lipped Mussel and Chondroitin - Great Sources of Omega 3 with Excellent Cartilage Building Properties. They also Contain MSM, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

  • ✔ TARGETED HIP & JOINT CARE SUPPLEMENT. A Natural Tablet for Pets Suffering from Stiff Joints.

  • ✔ SUITABLE FOR PETS OF ANY AGE. A Prophylactic for Boisterous and Inquisitive Youngsters as well as Older, Slower Pets with Creaky Joints. Administer Whole or Crush into a Powder and Sprinkle onto Food.

  • ✔ 120 CHICKEN FLAVOURED TABLETS. Nobody Enjoys Taking Tablets. However, We've Infused Our Tablets with Tasty Chicken Flavouring that Your Pet Will Love. If You are Unsatisfied for any Reason, we Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  • ✔ THE PRIMARY PETS VISION: At Primary Pets, our Mission is to Invest in Products and Services that will Benefit Domestic, Working, and Wild Animals Alike. We Only use the Best Ingredients and Manufacturing Processes to Keep Your Pets Happy and in Great Shape.

Turmeric Capsules

120 Powder Capsules £10.95
365 Powder Capsules £24.99
  • ✔ PRIMARY PETS TUMERIC FOR DOGS is Often Referred to as Golden Paste. It is One of the Most Effective Pet Turmeric Supplements on the Market. With 500mg Turmeric per Capsule it Includes BioPerine Giving a 10,000mg Equivalent. BioPerine is the only product sourced out of Piperine to Obtain a Patented Status for its Ability to Increase the Bioavailability of Nutritional Compounds

  • ✔SUPPORTS HEALTHY JOINTS. Our Turmeric for Dogs is a Powerful Anti-Oxidant Helping to Neutralise Free Radicals and Reduce Stiffness for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Humans Alike.

  • ✔ DESIGNED WITH PETS IN MIND. Our Formula is Specifically Designed for Dogs and Cats but is Made to Human Grade in the UK.

  • ✔ USE IN CAPSULE FORM OR SPRINKLE OVER FOOD. Twist Apart the capsules and Empty the Contents over Food or Administer Whole as Part of a Healthy Diet. Please Read the Label Before use for Warnings, Administration Guidance and Allergy Advice.

  • ✔ THE PRIMARY PETS VISION. Our Mission is to Invest in Products and Services that Benefit Domestic, Working, and Wild Animals Alike. We use the Best Ingredients and Manufacturing Processes Possible to Keep Your Pets Happy and in Great Shape.

Omega 3 6 9 Fish Oil  Capsules

120 Oil Capsules £10.99
  • ✔️OMEGA 3 6 9 FISH OIL FOR DOGS AND CATS with added Vitamin E by Primary Pets. A premium quality fish oil supplement for Dogs and Cats in a 1000mg soft gel capsule.

  • ✔️CONSIDERED ONE OF THE BEST ALL ROUND NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS Omega 369 contains essential fats needed to support a healthy coat, heart, brain, eyes, joints, and teeth as well as general wellbeing for any age of Dog or Cat.

  • ✔️EASY TO ADMINISTER SOFT GET CAPSULES. Unlike some supplements Primary Pets Omega soft gel capsules give you the choice to administer whole by mouth, hide in your pets food or puncture the capsules and squeeze the oil into food.

  • ✔️MANUFACTURED IN THE UK to GMP code of practice and ISO 9001 quality assurance certification. We are proud of our quality and give a 100% money back guarantee.

  • ✔️WHY PRIMARY PETS? We are a family run business and we take pride in our products. They are all made in the UK to the highest possible regulated standards, ensuring peace of mind for you and great products for your pets. We are passionate about improving the quality of life of all types of animals and our vision is to invest in products and services that will benefit domestic, working and wild animals alike.

Probiotic Powder Capsules

120 Powder Capsules £15.99
60 Powder Capsules £8.99
  • ✔ PRIMARY PETS PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT FOR DOGS AND CATS. For Digestive Wellbeing and General Health - Advanced Single Strain with 15 Billion CFU's per Capsule in a Prebiotic Inulin Base to Encourage Normal Digestive Function by Maintaining a Healthy Level of Supportive Bacteria in the Intestine.


  • ✔ PRIMARY PETS PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT contains a Prebiotic, Which Feeds the Beneficial Bacteria so They Reach the Intestine Intact. Additionally, Prebiotics Create an Environment where Healthy Organisms Thrive Throughout the Digestive System.

  • ✔ USE IN CAPSULE FORM OR SPRINKLE OVER FOOD. Twist apart the capsules and empty the contents over food or give in capsule form as part of a healthy diet. Please make sure to read the label before use for warnings, dosage and allergy advice. All Our Products are made to the Highest Possible Standards in the UK. We Promise a Consistently High-Quality Product and Offer a No-Quibble Money Guarantee.

  • ✔ THE PRIMARY PETS VISION. At Primary Pets, our mission is to invest in products and services that will benefit domestic, working, and wild animals alike. We only use the best ingredients and manufacturing processes to keep your pets happy and in great shape.

Green Lipped Mussel Powder Capsules

  • ✔️ NEW ZEALAND GREEN LIPPED MUSSEL FOR DOGS is a Renowned Source of Omega 3; Containing 100% Natural Ingredients from New Zealand. Our Tablets are an Excellent Source of Glycoproteins Selenium Vitamin B12 Zinc and Folic Acid

  • ✔️ Our JOINT CARE SUPPLEMENT is Ideal for Any Age of Dogs Cats & Humans. From Boisterous and Inquisitive Puppies to Older Slower Dogs with Creaky Joints

  • ✔️ Primary Pets GREEN LIPPED MUSSEL CAPSULES are Manufactured in Great Britain and Come with a 100% Quality Guarantee (GMP code of practice & ISO 9001) OR YOUR MONEY BACK

  • ✔️ ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Capsules Can be Twisted Apart and Sprinkled onto Food

  • ✔️ POST BOX FRIENDLY; Can be Posted Directly Through Your Letterbox

90 Powder Capsules £8.99

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