Fireworks are low explosive aesthetic devices used for entertainment during celebrations. This is typical on the fifth of November and New Year Celebrations in the UK. Fireworks give out noise, light, smoke, and sometimes confetti.

Most pets are afraid of fireworks for these reasons;
1. There are no fireworks without an accompanying loud thud.
Dogs can be more sensitive than humans; any loud noise would make them feel threatened, frightened, and apprehensive. These firework sounds usually go off severally at different uncoordinated intervals making it quite difficult for dogs to get used to it.
2. Fireworks are very unpredictable to dogs
Fireworks are used only on eventful days. The sudden sound and flashing lights come out alarmingly without any warning, activating their sense of fight-and-fright. This is bad as dogs could be driven into an anxious mood, or even get lost or hit in the bid to take cover.
3. Fireworks make dogs insecure
Dogs perceive the expression of the fireworks as an indication of imminent danger. This incites them; making them show aversive behaviors like restlessness, trembling and shaking, cowering, hiding, and other excessive alertness signs that show they are scared of fireworks.


The effect of fireworks on dogs can be unpredictable sometimes, so it is advised you help your dog keep calm, feel safe and secure.
1. Hemp oil for dogs
The hemp seed oil is a fantastic all-around health supplement for dogs, which is well-known for its health benefits. It contains natural antioxidants, omega oils, and vitamins. One of our various pet owners’ favorite picks is the Primary Pets Hemp Oil for Dogs. It is a safe, high-quality, veterinary formulated and recommended support for pets as it calms anxiety, relieves pain (anti-inflammatory), boosts pets' immunity, and improves their nervous system.
It is a perfect product that always comes in handy while trying to calm and soothe Dogs in acute anxiety, thunderstorms, or appointments with the Vet or groomer.
2. Desensitisation therapy
This usually works when you start early to prime your dogs for loud noise; ideally when still a puppy. This process is about playing loud noise or even actual fireworks sound on a low volume that could still be audible enough for the dog to hear within the house or even while playing with your pet then slowly increase the sound. With time, the dog gets used to the noise without giving out any strange reaction or discomfort.
3. Create a safe space inside the house
Take out some good time to prepare a space for your pet inside the house whenever there would be firework displays or events. You can use any small room in your house, for example, the bathroom, comfortable space within or in a crate. Ensure adequate ventilation, provide good beddings, and most importantly, put on some white noise adequate to drown the sound of the fireworks. You can also offer your pet some treats. All this can be a comforting distraction for your pet.
All-in-all, it is worthy to note that a dog that is reactive to loud sounds would definitely show the same or worse response during fireworks and therefore should be proofed from its terrible effects.
By Dr. Eke Ginika