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  • Hip and Joint Problems in German Shepherds, and How Supplements Can Help

    German Shepherd dogs are a larger breed well known for their strength and intelligence, which is why they’re used as police dogs. However, they’re ...
  • How Supplements for Old Dogs Can Help Keep Them Happier and Healthier

    However well we look after our canine companions, old age will begin to creep up on even the liveliest and healthiest of them. But just because old...
  • Easter Dangers – Keep Your Pets Safe This Easter!

    Easter is one of the best times of the year. Schools break up, the weather is improving, days are longer and families spend lots of time together.  This year especially,  there is the added bonus of being able to travel further and meet up with more family and friends as the Covid rules change on March 29th.

  • 7 Great Reasons Why You Should Trust Us With Your Pet’s Health

    We’ve been successfully supplying pet supplements to pet owners on Amazon since 2018 and our products are extremely popular due to a low price, great customer service and high quality products.  Because of this growing demand, we’ve launched our new website and you’re now able to buy our products directly from our online shop.
  • Thomas Rimmington Pet Portraits

    We recently lost our rescue dog Penny to Canine Dementia. As any pet owner knows this leaves a massive hole in your life, a friend recommended Tom ...