About Us

Having been close friends and work colleagues for over 25 years, Dan Carter, Lee Morris and Joe McClelland got together in 2017 with the intention of starting a business of their own. Their priority would be to sell great value, high quality products to people who are passionate about the welfare of their animals.

With extensive backgrounds in retail, healthcare, health supplements and technology, as well a love of animals Primary Pets was created as an Amazon pet store. Their first product, a bespoke Joint Care Supplement was launched in February 2018 and since that time Primary Pets has become one of the leading pet brands on Amazon with an extensive range of natural supplements and additionally one of the world’s leading brands of dog whistles

Primary Pets’ supplements are designed with specially formulated ingredients renowned to help support animal health and wellbeing whether domestic, farm or wild. With a focus on ease of administration Primary Pets’ supplements are designed to be taken whole or top-dressed and have tasty flavours that your pet will love.

Primary Pets value constructive feedback from their customers in order to help to improve products & customer service and all queries are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Primary Pets Co-Founder Dan (pictured right) with his rescue dog Penny who sadly died of Canine Dementia in 2020.

Dan says: "When you take on a rescue dogs, you don't know what issues they may have. As pet owners all we want is our pets to be happy, healthy animals. I have been in the supplement industry since 2012 formulating and selling health supplements for humans, and I understand the benefits that they can have on people's lives. This led me on a journey to research how supplements could help pets in the same way."

Primary Pets Co-Founder Lee (pictured left) with his whippets Lilly, Lucy and Sky.

Lee says “We have 3 whippets, 8 cats, 6 chickens, a peahen and 2 pygmy goats so we understand how pets become part of the family and provide friendship, joy, emotional support, social interaction and unconditional love. Having worked in healthcare I understand how physiological and psychological health goes hand in hand so we have as much of a duty of care to our pets as we do to the rest of our family”.