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Anxiety in Pets

It is very easy to take our health (and our pet's health) for granted and it's only when a problem occurs that we rethink our viewpoint. The adage ‘prevention is better than a cure’ is still as relevant today as it’s always been, so Primary Pets health supplements have been designed by pet health experts to act as a preventative as well as an aid to recovery.

Anxiety can occur in animals from any background, in severe cases issues like cruelty, abuse, or neglect will certainly cause anxiety but it can also be something as simple as a loud noise like fireworks.


One of the most common forms of anxiety in pets is separation anxiety which is triggered when cats or dogs become anxious and upset when they are separated from their owners or guardians.

Recognising the Signs

Disruptive or destructive pets (especially when left alone) are one of the most common complaints of pet owners. Below is a list of signs that may suggest that your pet is anxious.

Their pets might:

  • Urinate or defecate
  • Bark or Howl
  • Chew/destroy things
  • Dig or scratch
  • Try to escape
  • Pace
  • Attempt to prevent you from leaving
Treatment Advice

Once you have determined that your pet is experiencing anxiety, there are many methods you can use to help soothe your dog and make them feel more comfortable when being left alone. The most important thing is not to scold or punish your pet. Their behaviour is a distress response and not necessarily a result of disobedience or spite. If you punish them, they are much more likely to become more upset.

Primary Pets Supplement Options

Primary Pets Hemp Seed Oil Supplement contains 100% natural ingredients. Produced from the Cannabis Sativa plant, our Hemp Seed Oil is known to help the nervous system and aid in anxiety. It’s also rich in Omega oils which are high in vitamins and antioxidants.

    Disclaimer: Primary Pets suggests that you always get advice from your local veterinary practice if you are concerned about the health of your pet. Be mindful of any medications that your pet may be taking before taking any supplements.

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