General Pet Health

It is very easy to take our health (and our pet's health) for granted and it's only when a problem occurs that we rethink our viewpoint. The adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is still as relevant today as it’s always been so Primary Pets health supplements have been designed by pet health experts to act as a preventative as well as an aid to recovery.

Pets can’t communicate how they feel so it’s incumbent upon us as pet carers to regularly check our pets for signs of being under the weather.


Recognising the Signs 

What should I look out for that may indicate that my pet has a joint problem:

  • Nose: Should be wet and cold. A warm and dry nose can indicate a problem but if they are eating and drinking normally and otherwise fit and well, don’t worry.
  • Eyes:  Should be bright. Green or yellow discharge, excessive watering, or signs of irritation can be signs of ill health.
  • Ears: A small amount of wax is normal, but it may indicate a problem if your dog continuously scratches and you spot redness, dark deposits, discharge, an unpleasant smell, or swelling.
  • Teeth and gums: Carefully examine your pet's teeth and gums regularly. Look out for brown tartar build-up, redness along the gums, bad-smelling breath, gum problems, or lumps under the tongue.
  • Skin and coat: Excessive biting, chewing, or scratching could indicate a dry coat or skin and may indicate fleas. A noticeable ‘sheen’ is one of the best ways to check that your pet has a good nutritious diet and they have good general health.

Treatment Advice

  • A good healthy diet.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Regular health checks.
  • Regular grooming.
  • Affection. A happy pet is a healthy pet.
  • Pet safety.

Primary Pets Supplement Options

Primary Pets offer a range of supplements for your cats and dogs, all our formulas take into account the needs of your pets. Some of our supplements will help with specific ailments and some are great for general health, please carefully read the information we provide for each supplement.

Disclaimer: Natural health supplements are not intended as a cure or medicinal product. Therefore, whilst many natural products like ours are renowned for their properties, we cannot guarantee the results. If you have any doubts please contact your local veterinary practice.

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