Vitamin Deficiency in Pets

It is very easy to take our health (and our pet's health) for granted and it's only when a problem occurs that we rethink our viewpoint. The adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is still as relevant today as it’s always been so Primary Pets health supplements have been designed by pet health experts to act as a preventative as well as an aid to recovery.

Good nutrition always starts with a well-balanced diet, this sounds simple but there are some cheap, poorly made pet foods on the market that do not provide great nutrition. Your pet needs 6 essential calluses of nutrients to live a truly healthy life, water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. To fully understand your pet’s nutritional needs you must take into account age, activity level, health problems, and breed-related genetic issues.


Recognising the Signs


What should I look out for that may indicate vitamin deficiency in my pet:

  • Homemade meals may not be properly balanced
  • Poor quality canned or poorly packaged food
  • No routine observation of daily food intake
  • Response to certain medications
  • Parasitic infection
  • Underlying medical conditions

Treatment Advice

  • Supplement the diet with a high-quality multivitamin or a supplement that targets specific vitamins if required.
  • Make sure your pet is properly exercised in the open air.
  • Choose a well-respected dog food with quality ingredients.

Primary Pets Supplement Options

Primary Pets multivitamin for dogs and cats contains a full range of vitamins including C, B1, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12, Omega 3, Glucosamine, and Coenzyme Q10. Helping to maintain good health for your dog or cats’ skin, brain, heart, kidneys, eyes, ears, muscles, and joints.

Disclaimer: Natural health supplements are not intended as a cure or medicinal product. Therefore, whilst many natural products like ours are renowned for their properties, we cannot guarantee the results. If you have any doubts please contact your local veterinary practice.

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